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Welcome - Bo Vademan - 04-23-2016

Welcome to Communism Interstellar, CMDR.

[Image: rHMZQ0S.jpg?1]
This is our forum where we store valuable agreements and discussions. For day to day communication and BGS planning we use Discord - see link at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in joining us, this thread will hopefully inform you about what to expect from the experience. If you are a diplomat from another organisation, this thread will give you some basic background about us.

Who we are
We are the Communist Interstellar Union.

We are a multinational association of like-minded CMDRs in Elite: Dangerous. We count players based in Europe, Asia and North and South America among our number.
Founded in December 3300, our common mission is to support 34th century communists, found throughout inhabited space, but particularly in the region around Manite, where we have established more than 500 governments

Further details about our policies, can be found within the forum or by asking us on discord.
In brief:
- CIU is one of the founding members of Communism Interstellar, a body which represent more than half of all known communist systems.
- We are a [b]collective of independent pilots, we have no leader - from each according to their ability and free time[/b]
- Anti-slavery, we aim to abolish slavery in all its forms, including economic slavery.
- Peace and co-operation, (where reciprocated) with other factions, aiding in community goals and providing PvE & PvP support.
- Non-aggression towards alien life, study and explore, but do not harm.
- Sister Group to ICU (Interstellar Communist Union), since 3301, and joint members of CI.


These are our articles of association